Who belongs in Westworld? Get the answers in Sky's Instagram journey
Sky Atlantic invited viewers to go on an Instagram journey to find out if they would be suited to visit the wild world of “Westworld.”

In the UK and Ireland, HBO’s new sci-fi drama “Westworld” started airing on Sky Atlantic in early October. To engage audiences, the channel invited viewers to take a special Instagram journey that reveals if you belong in Westworld, the series’ Western-themed amusement park known for its wild ‘no rules’ policy.

Sky Atlantic set up dedicated Instagram accounts and used the app’s tagging system to connect the accounts and to provide a comprehensive experience. The initial account welcome_to_westworld asked users to decide whether they would pick a white or a black hat, the same choice “Westworld” visitors have to make in the series. To select an option, users simply had to click on the corresponding image and then click on the featured tag. …

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