Virtual Reality Round-Up: Star Trek, 24: Legacy, Golden Globes
Here’s a run-down of recent virtual reality-related entertainment items, via Berlin-based research and consulting company VAST MEDIA.

  • For the 2017 Golden Globes, entertainment network E! News showed off its “E! Live 360″ experience, which included coverage of both the red carpet and the awards themselves. The experience allowed users to pick where on the red carpet they wanted to be, and was hosted by the network’s Will Marfuggi. Available for both iOS and Android devices, the experience also included a social media monitor, asking viewers to weigh in on Twitter. 
  • After the Super Bowl on Feb. 5, Fox is premiering “24: Legacy”, and to promote the reboot, the network has teamed up with Samsung and Virtual Reality production company Here Be Dragons to create the Samsung Gear VR exclusive “The Raid.” A virtual reality preview to the new series, “The Raid” first debuted Jan. 9, and is set nine months before the show, and has the viewer in the middle of a raid against the compound of a terrorist leader.
  • With the highly anticipated prequel to the original “Star Trek” series – “Star Trek: Discovery” – set to debut on CBS All Access in May, the network is wasting little time promoting the series, with a new virtual reality experience, thanks to a partnership with mobile phone company Alcatel. The 360-degree offering takes a look at the major ships from the franchise, and was a highlight of the Alcatel booth at CES.
  • For the Jan. 7 airing of “Jimmy Kimmel Live”, the late-night talk show debuted a 360-degree Facebook video experience, giving those who’ve never been to the stage a look at what it’s like to be a guest on the show.


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