Víctor Ros: An inside look at RTVE's transmedia universe
On November 3rd, Spanish broadcaster RTVE premiered a second season of detective miniseries “Víctor Ros”, which is based on a series of novels by Jerónimo Tristante. For the second season, RTVE created a new transmedia universe to engage viewers. The offer, which is available at the RTVE website, included a video blog by one of the new characters of the second season, weekly interactive videos in which they are interrogated by Víctor Ros and his companions, and, if they are successful in the interrogation, exclusive additional content about the series.

The first element of the new transmedia offer is a weekly digital video series. Titled ‘Las Aventuras de Víctor Ros, según León Cavestany’ (The adventures of Víctor Ros according to León Cavestany), it is designed as a video blog by new season two character León Cavestany. Every week before a new episode of “Víctor Ros” airs on RTVE, the video blog already provides an outlook of what is going to happen in the episode.

In funny monologues, Cavestany recounts the adventures of the Víctor Ros and anticipates the weekly case that the detective will be confronted with in the next episode. He gives his personal view and opinion about the events that occur in Linares, the Spanish city where the second season is set, and allows viewers to get to know him better. …

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