Here are the top 10 case studies 2014 of our TV@WEB Database with Sherlock, Utopia, The Voice, Rising Star, 24h Jerusalem among others  – based on views

Sherlock: The Network (BBC One, UK)

Sherlock: The Network

On January 20, 2014, BBC One in cooperation with The Project Factory published the app ‘Sherlock: The Network’. Fans of the crime drama are asked to become part of Holmes’ so-called Homeless network and help them investigate 10 different cases. The Homeless network is a network of homeless people. It is set up by Holmes. He uses the network to get information on cases. The transmedia game begins with users receiving and passing on messages and will end up in infiltrating the enemy. (…)
Sherlock: The Network Launch Campaign

Three days before the premiere, BBC One launched the special promotion campaign for the upcoming transmedia app ‘Sherlock: The Network’ for the same titled drama. Fans of the crime series are asked to join the Homeless network, a network of homeless people set up by Holmes to get information on cases. Fans were asked to tweet the dedicated hashtag #jointhenetwork to unlock new images from the upcoming app. The more Tweets with the hashtag were posted the more preview images were released. (…)

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Utopia: The Network is Watching (Channel 4, UK)

Utopia: The Network is Watching
To get fans excited for the return of the conspiracy series “Utopia” on July 14, 2014, Channel 4 teamed up with UNIT9, 4 Creative and the Kissinger Twins to launch ‘The Network Is Watching’, an interactive HTML5 multi-platform experience merging CCTV footage and face-mapping. The multi-platform project is supposed to expand the user’s experience of the world of “Utopia” and has been nominated for both an AWWWARDS and a FWA award. To start the short adventure, users must first confirm that they are over 18. After that, a female voice over narration starts and welcomes the user to the experience. The audio spectrum of the voice over is visualized through yellow arrays on top of sunny video footage such as meadows and fields or a happy family at the beach. The calm music in the background is underlining the peaceful atmosphere. (…)

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24h Jerusalem (ARTE, France/Germany)

24h Jerusalem
In February 2014, ARTE and German public broadcaster BR launched the interactive platform for its transmedia project and 24-hours long documentary “24h Jerusalem”. The platform features complementary second-screen content. In addition, users were asked to participate in an interactive Vine experience. During the broadcast, Vine-videos were uploaded live and on location by a film team in Jerusalem.

24h Jerusalem Vine Videos

They were shared on Twitter using the hashtag #24hJerusalem and specific hashtags for several subjects, e.g. #Religion, #God or #Judaism. The videos could be accessed on Twitter, Vine and through the official second-screen companion for the program. On April 12, the program was aired online, on ARTE (both in France and Germany), BR and the Norwegian channel NRK. Six days later, it will be broadcast on the Finnish channel YLE. (…)

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Rising Star: Audition via Instagram (ABC, USA)

Rising Star: Audition via Instagram
In preparation for the highly anticipated premiere of “Rising Star”, American network ABC launched an Instagram campaign that lets aspiring singers audition for the show via Instagram. The originally Israeli format recreates the traditional singing competition by letting the audience vote for the winner in real time using the show’s dedicated second-screen app. From March 25 until April 30, 2014, solo singers, duos or groups can audition by creating a 15-second Instagram video. (…)

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The Voice: Homecoach (Nine, Australia)

The Voice: Homecoach
On May 4, 2014, the third season of “The Voice” premiered on Australian network Nine. To already engage fans in the run-up to the live broadcasts, iPowow and Shine Australia launched the play-along app ‘The Voice HomeCoach’ on April 10, 2014. The free app is sponsored by Vodafone and available for iOS and Android devices. The ‘HomeCoach’ game follows the show’s progress in real-time. In order to collect points, fans can play the ‘Preview Game’ before the start of each episode and join ‘Live Game’ when an episode airs live on TV. (…)

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#7DaysLater (ABC, Australia)

On October 22, 2013, the Australian broadcaster ABC2 launched the crowdsourced multi-platform TV show “#7DaysLater”. Ludo Daley Pearson and Nick Boshier – both creators and characters of the show – invoke fans to participate in creating a storyline for each episode by posting potential topics as an one-word theme via different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram. (…)

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The Taste: Twitter Tracker (Channel 4, UK)

The Taste: Twitter Tracker
Channel 4 launched a Twitter Tracker for its new cooking competition “The Taste” in mid-January 2014. The tracker went live with the second episode. It provides real-time visualization of each contestant’s popularity on Twitter. Every time when the official show’s hashtag #TheTaste and a contestant’s name is mentioned on Twitter, the tracker collects the data. The more often a contestant is mentioned on Twitter, the bigger their face icon appears in the tracker. The percentage of all tweets that each contestant has received are displayed below the icon. (…)

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The Voice: #VoiceTailGate Social Pre-Show (NBC, USA)

The Voice: #VoiceTailGate Social Pre-Show
NBC introduced the social pre-show ‘#VoiceTailgate’ for its singing competition “The Voice” in late April 2014. The pre-show is set up as a social media party for contestants, coaches and well-known guest artists such as Gwen Stefani and other celebrities. Fans who like to join the party can follow the events on Twitter, Vine, Snapchat, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram and Facebook with the hashtag #VoiceTailgate. During the event, exclusive photos and videos and performances of attending guests are posted. (…)

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Anarchy (France 4, France)

On October 30, 2014, France Télévisions, production company Telfrance Série and INA launched the participatory transmedia project “Anarchy” for French TV channel France 4. The project is part of France TV’s ‘Nouvelles Ecritures’ initiative and allows viewers to participate in co-writing the story of an eight-week TV series and to imagine as a community how people in France would react to a systemic crisis. “Anarchy” is composed of a mobile application and a dedicated online platform – with a collaborative writing project, a sweepstake and a novel based on the events of the series on top of even more additional content. (…)

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Orange Is The New Black: Orange is the New App (Netflix, USA)

Orange Is The New Black: Orange is the New App
One day after the release of the second season of “Orange Is The New Black” on June 6, 2014, Netflix launched ‘Orange Is The New App’ (or ‘OITNA’ in short), an official photo-sharing app that lets fans of the show customize cards, share emojis and create their own series-related memes. The free app is available for iOS and Android devices. The cards feature images from the show, quotes, popular “Orange Is The New Black” themed memes and more. For example, fans can add their photo to a variety of cards or customize others with their own messages. The cards all include the show’s official hashtag #OITNB and the second season’s premiere date. (…)

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