The Voice Viewing Party With Periscope

On March 30, 2015, NBC’s “The Voice” wrapped up the Knockout Rounds and finalized the top 20 candidates to perform in the upcoming live shows. On the following day, on Tuesday, an one-hour episode called ‘The Road to the Live Shows’ aired and functioned as a recap of the ongoing season eight by showing highlights of the top 20 performers and jury members. All 20 candidates gathered to watch the episode together. Fans at home were able to join the candidates for a ‘Live Viewing Party with #VoiceTop20’ on Twitter’s newly launched streaming app Periscope.

Fans could access the stream by following @NBCTheVoice on Periscope or by clicking on a dedicated link that was posted on the show’s official Twitter account. The live stream started at 8 pm but was already heavily promoted before on Twitter. Furthermore, fans were called upon to submit questions using #AskVoiceTop20 for the chance to have the candidates answer them during the ‘Live Viewing Party’.

During each commercial break, a different candidate of the top 20 took over the Periscope stream. Users of the Periscope app could interact with the stream by either commenting or tapping the screen to show some ‘love’ in form of hearts that appeared on screen in real-time.

The Voice Viewing Party With Periscope The Voice Viewing Party With Periscope

To let fans further engage with the episode and the live stream, NBC released several ‘#VoiceBingo’ cards on its social media accounts that fans could use to play parallel to the on-air show. Each time an iconic moment such as ‘Xtina screams’ happened, fans could cross out the corresponding field on their bingo card.


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