With the launch of the MyTF1 VR app TF1 invites viewers to experience the “The Voice” blind auditions as coaches in virtual reality.

The Voice launches blind auditions in virtual reality

With TF1’s new ‘MyTF1 VR’ app, fans of “The Voice” can now immerse themselves into the show, take a seat in the famous red chair and experience the blind auditions in virtual reality. Season six of the French adaptation of “The Voice” premiered on February 18th, and fans can watch the new episodes in VR either live during the broadcast or on-demand. The app is available for iOS and Android devices and at the Oculus Store for the Samsung Gear VR.

In the VR episodes, fans of “The Voice” are transported to the blind auditions and can follow the show as if they were a coach on set. They first only see the audience and hear the talents singing. If they enjoy the performance, they can hit the red buzzer by tapping the red buzzer icon and their virtual chairs will “turn around”. Viewers can then see the actual performance.

Whenever a talent comes on stage during the broadcast, ‘MyTF1 VR’ app users are able to immerse themselves into the show. After the broadcast, the episodes are available on-demand as an online stream or can be downloaded within the app. They will be available until the grand finale of “The Voice” in spring 2017.

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