The Aliens: Fight Human Oppression - join the Alien League
Promoting the March launch of E4’s upcoming comedy drama “The Aliens”, which depicts a world in which aliens have landed on earth, Channel 4’s creative agency 4Creative initiated an extensive multi-platform campaign under the slogan ‘Fight Human Oppression’. Video messages from the Alien League, a rebel group featured in the drama, interrupted several shows across the Channel 4 network as well as on the radio, YouTube and in the cinema.

In the series, humans and aliens live separated by a wall, with the aliens living in a ghetto-like area. The 20-to 40-second clips feature a female member of the Alien League, calling for help to fight the human oppression before she gets dragged away by human boarder guards. At the end, viewers are called upon to join the Alien League and visit the dedicated …

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