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The Secret Life of Students – a Transmedia Case Study

#TVatWEB top case of the week: The Secret Life of Students - a Transmedia Case Study

Channel 4’s new four-part documentary series “The Secret Life of Students” premiered a few months ago on July 3, 2014. The show is produced by multi-award winning production company Raw TV and follows the life of 12 first-year students as they leave home to study at Leicester University, exploring the drama of their new experiences as well as their digital communication.  […]

24h Jerusalem – a new transmedia project by ARTE and BR

24h Jerusalem: a new transmedia project by ARTE and BR

In February 2014, ARTE and German public broadcaster BR launched the interactive platform for its transmedia project and 24-hour long documentary “24h Jerusalem”. The platform features complementary second screen content. On April 12, the program will air online, on ARTE (both in France and Germany), BR and the Norwegian channel NRK. Six days later, it will be broadcast on the Finnish channel YLE.  “24h Jerusalem” was filmed in April 2013 by about 70 film crews from Europe, Israel and Palestine. It is a documentary about 24 hours in the city of Jerusalem and the daily lives of its citizens. […]

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About:Kate – new case study for ARTE’s transmedia project

Transmedia ARTE About:Kate 01

On April 27, 2013, ARTE broadcast the first of 14 weekly episodes of the new transmedia series “About:Kate”. The project incorporates various social platforms, user-generated content and a dedicated second-screen app. The series follows the life of the former art student Kate who just turned 30. Kate lost herself in the digital world and feels unable to cope with her own life now. Therefore she institutionalize herself into a psychiatric hospital. During her stay in this mental institution, she keeps posting and commenting on Facebook.  […]

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Defiance – new case study for SyFy’s transmedia project

SyFy Defiance Transmedia
“Defiance” is a transmedia project produced by Universal Cable Productions which premiered on April 15th, 2013 on SyFy. It is the first time a massively multiplayer online game and a TV series are influencing each other to create an interconnected world. The series is shown on Syfy, the game is developed by Trion Worlds and available for XBox360, Playstation3 and PC. […]

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Zeit der Helden / la semaine de vérité – New transmedia project by ARTE and SWR

Transmedia - Zeit der Helden / La semaine de vérité

SWR and ARTE launched a transmedia project titled “Zeit der Helden / La semaine de vérité” in March 2013. The project consists of nine real-time TV episodes and a dedicated webpage for users to engage even more with the story. The TV series is about the life of a family called Brunners and their neighbours and covers the issues of their lives. The series is part of a themed week revolving around the topic of “midlife crisis”. […]

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