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Virtual Reality Round-Up with Westworld and Sky – compiled by MESA

Here’s a run-down of recent virtual reality-related entertainment items via Berlin-based research and consulting company VAST MEDIA.

To help promote its highly praised sci-fi drama “Westworld,” HBO debuted a new virtual reality experience for the show at this month’s New York Comic-Con, and the network had fun setting it up: attendees of the convention were required to book an appointment with Delos Destinations, the fictional company in the show itself. They were then sent to another location in New York set up to look like the Westworld arrival hall, where the VR experience began with an HTC Vive headset. […]

Virtual Reality Creates New Broadcast Opportunities

Virtual Reality Creates New Broadcast Opportunities
Virtual reality is gaining momentum. While some years ago, the technology still seemed futuristic and inaccessible to consumers, VR has come a long way and is starting to enter our living rooms. Thanks to a range of new and upcoming headsets, the technology is officially a trend, and no longer reserved for technology freaks and experts.

At the end of January, Google for the first time revealed some numbers around the adoption rate of its Cardboard, the low-cost DIY headset that turns nearly any phone into a VR viewer: since its introduction in 2014, 5 million of these devices have been shipped and users downloaded more than 25 million Google Cardboard apps from the company’s Play Store. Ten million of these downloads occurred between October and December 2015 alone, according to Google’s company blog, indicating a clearly growing interest in VR. […]