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The SVOD Throwdown – A Look at Netflix’ Strongest Competitors

The SVOD Throwdown - A Look at Netflix' Strongest Competitors

For many years, Netflix has been the flagstaff name in the streaming market. The industry giant not only changed the way audiences consume content, but also prides itself in its high quality original content and excels in marketing it to its users and engaging fans.  […]

The Leftovers – The Watchers viral campaign


To engage fans of its new drama series “The Leftovers”, HBO contacted some fans that are especially active and engaging on Twitter to recruit them as ‘The Watchers’. Each of them received a special package containing series-related items. During the series’ run, ‘The Watchers’ regularly receive text messages and tasks that tie into the series’ plot and are encouraged to promote the campaign by using the hashtag #TheLeftovers. […]

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