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El Chema: Escape from prison in Telemundo’s VR experience

El Chema: Escape from prison in Telemundo's VR experience
To excite for the new drama series “El Chema”, Telemundo launched an exclusive 360°/VR experience called ‘The Chema: A 360 Escape’. The experience allows viewers to undertake a tunnel escape from prison just like the series’ central character Chema Vengas, who is also known as El Chema. The series “El Chema” premiered on December 6th, and is a spin-off of the popular crime drama “El Señor de los Cielos”. […]

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Today’s Best Second Screen TV Activations

Today's Best Second Screen TV activations

Who raised the social TV bar this past season? This exclusive document compiles all the best practices. What is the current state of the second screen market? Do these applications just push content to the users, or do they allow them to influence the shows?  […]