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The Walking Dead – The live game on Facebook

The Walking Dead - The live game on Facebook
For the new season of “The Walking Dead” FOX and RTL II (pay TV channel FOX premiered season 7 on October 24; RTL II starts airing the sixth season on November 5, 2016), the channels teamed up for the first ever interactive live game on Facebook. On November 2nd and 4th, fans of the series are called upon to visit the channel’s Facebook pages to witness two YouTube stars being attacked by zombies. By using the Facebook reaction buttons, viewers could influence the happenings in real time and help the YouTubers escape. In addition, they had the chance to win 5,000€. […]

RTL2 News: Extended linear broadcast with Facebook Live

RTL2 News: Extended linear broadcast with Facebook Live
Last week, German broadcaster RTL2 started using Facebook Live to take viewers backstage during “RTL2 News”. Every Wednesday, viewers can now tune in to the live stream to get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look and have their questions answered before, during, and after the show. […]

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RTL II’s new streaming platform: RTL II YOU

RTL II's new streaming platform: RTL II YOU

A new streaming platform for millennials emerges in Germany:
On May 30th, German commercial broadcaster RTL II launched its digital millennial-oriented channel ‘RTL II YOU’, which offers viewers a mix of its own popular TV highlights and licensed content in the drama, reality, anime and talk show segments. They’re also producing content with well-known YouTube and social media celebs. The content is available through a linear 24/7 stream, but also as individual on-demand clips.  […]

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The Stalking Dead: Fox and RTL2’s social TV campaign for The Walking Dead

The Stalking Dead: Fox and RTL2's social TV campaign in Germany

As season six of “The Walking Dead” returned to AMC on October 11, 2015, the zombie-fever also reached Germany. German broadcaster RTL2 premiered the fifth season on October 31st, after airing a marathon of all previous four seasons, German pay-TV channel FOX showed the first episode of the sixth season on October 12th, only 24 hours after the debut on US television. […]

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