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Mr. Robot, Fête de la Musique & Orange Is the New Black: Today’s Best Social TV

Mr. Robot, Fête de la Musique & Orange Is the New Black: Today’s Best Social TV

What shows are making TV more interactive these days? Here are 3 social TV campaigns worth watching …

Mr. Robot: #deletemydebt Hacktivation (USA Network, USA)
In another marketing effort to promote the new hacker drama Mr. Robot shortly prior to its premiere on June 24, 2015, USA Network teamed up with the social video platform and gamer community Twitch for a 72-hour “Hacktivation” campaign that erased more than $100,000 in consumer debt. Between June 18 and 20, users could watch a daily livestream of the hacking collective fsociety, which is featured in the series, on or for the chance to win instant cash. Developed by digital agency iStrategyLabs, the “Hacktivation” campaign was inspired by the Mr. Robot main protagonist, a hacker, and his mission to free people from the oppression of debt. […]

Daredevil Red Thread Investigation Board

Daredevil Red Thread Investigation Board

On April 10, 2015, all episodes of the first season of the new superhero crime drama “Daredevil” were released. The same day, Netflix launched the ‘Red Thread Investigation Board’, a Tumblr-based companion website that helps fans keep track of all the plots, characters and their connections. The website, which will be regularly updated, was developed by digital marketing agency Addison Interactive. […]

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Bloodline Goodie Bags by Netflix

To promote its new original series “Bloodline”, which was released on Netflix on March 20, 2015, and to get users to speculate about the secrets the series has up its sleeve ahead of its premiere, Netflix sent worn novels to influential media people and bloggers in several countries. The books contained a number of mysterious clues, notes and photos and led users to the website of the Rayburn House, the small hotel in the Florida Keys run by the Rayburn family, the series’ protagonists. […]

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Top 10 case studies 2014 of our TV@WEB Database

Here are the top 10 case studies 2014 of our TV@WEB Database with Sherlock, Utopia, The Voice, Rising Star, 24h Jerusalem among others  – based on views […]

Netflix – On Demand and On The Rise. A focus on Netflix’s social media strategy

Netflix - On Demand and On The Rise. A focus on Netflix's social strategy

Did you know that Netflix is responsible for over 1/3 of peak internet traffic hours in the US? In our latest white paper, learn how the SVoD company has changed content consumption, and how it uses social media to cultivate advocates. […]