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Marco Polo meets Martial Arts in Netflix’ Mongol Strike

Marco Polo meets Martial Arts in Netflix' Mongol Strike
In anticipation of season two of Netflix original, “Marco Polo”, the streaming service released a series of videos dubbed ‘Mongol Strike’. The short clips highlighted season one’s fighting scenes and were presented in a way that resembled video games such as Mortal Kombat or Tekken. […]

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Shark Week, Orange Is The New Black & Powerpuff Girls: Today’s best social TV

Shark Week, Orange Is The New Black & Powerpuff Girls: Today's best social TV
The latest & greatest TV+social media activations

Shark Week: Shark ‘N Awe Music Taste Match Finder (Discovery Channel, USA)
The much-anticipated summer event “Shark Week” returns to Discovery Channel on June 26, 2016. This time the channel teamed up with Spotify to introduce the ‘Shark ‘N Awe Music Taste Match Finder’. Fans can find out which shark species they are based on their taste of music.Shark WeekTo find their match, users have to visit a dedicated microsite and log in with their Spotify account. Users then are presented with their match based on the music genres they listen to. […]

Netflix faceswaps, GoT+Spotify & Ministerio VR: Today’s best social TV

This month’s best social TV activations bring a new dimension to your favorite series, inviting you to be so much more than a mere spectator
Netflix faceswaps, GoT+Spotify & Ministerio VR: Today's best social TV
One of Snapchat’s most popular features at the moment is face swap, a lens that exchanges a user‘s face with someone else‘s in a photo or video. Based on this fascinating and sometimes disturbing phenomenon, Netflix has teamed up with creative agency Darewin to launch ‘#NetflixSwap‘, an outdoor print campaign in France that allows fans to do face swaps with heroes from Netflix original series. […]

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Peeno Noir viral video campaign by Netflix

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Peeno Noir viral video campaign by Netflix
From a gag in the Netflix comedy hit “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”, the song ‘Peeno Noir’ from its debut season has inspired a new ad campaign for the show.

The song was sung by character Titus Andromedon and gained a lot of attention. Now to promote the second season, Netflix alongside creative agency Darewin, is launching a global ‘exquisite corpse’ game on Twitter. Netflix original series handles across the globe joined in extending the song by finding new verses. …  […]

Daredevil: Netflix uses billboards to ignite social media battle

Daredevil: Netflix uses billboards to ignite social media battleTo get fans excited for “Daredevil’s” much anticipated season two release (which launched on March 18th), Netflix launched a promotional outdoor billboard campaign enriched with a major digital component.

Fans on social media were called upon to ‘Join The Fight’ by using dedicated hashtags to see the billboards evolve. […]

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Virtual Reality is Here. Is Television Ready?

Virtual Reality is Here. Is Television Ready?
Virtual reality no longer belongs to science-fiction. But what does this change for the TV industry? Discover the answers in this white paper.

Virtual reality (VR) has finally made its way into consumers’ living rooms. While some years ago, the technology was still the stuff of science fiction, virtual reality has become more and more prominent among a mainstream audience thanks to affordable devices such as Google Cardboard, and the recently-launched $99 Samsung Gear VR headset, powered by Oculus. In 2016, more companies like HTC with the HTC Vive headset (powered by SteamVR), Sony with PlayStation VR and Oculus with its Oculus Rift consumer edition, will follow suit. We are entering the consumer VR era. […]

House of Cards: Netflix hijacked the CNN Republican debate

House of Cards: Netflix hijacked the CNN Republican debate
On December 15, 2015, Netflix hijacked the Republican Candidate Presidential Debate on CNN to build anticipation for the upcoming fourth season of “House of Cards”. Prior to the broadcast of the debate, Netflix turned to Twitter and Snapchat, teasing fans that ‘President Underwood will be making a special announcement tonight’. […]

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The SVOD Throwdown – A Look at Netflix’ Strongest Competitors

The SVOD Throwdown - A Look at Netflix' Strongest Competitors

For many years, Netflix has been the flagstaff name in the streaming market. The industry giant not only changed the way audiences consume content, but also prides itself in its high quality original content and excels in marketing it to its users and engaging fans.  […]

Narcos: Cocaine Bills Viral Campaign

On August 28, 2015, Netflix released its much anticipated original series “Narcos”. The crime drama is based on the life of notorious Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, also known as ‘The King of Cocaine’. On that occasion, French agency Darewin hosted exclusive pre-premiere parties that held some creative surprises for its guests. The events took place one day prior to the series release in Paris, Lyon and Marseille.

50% des billets en circulation contiennent des traces de cocaïne @netflixfr #Narcos

Ein von @holycamille gepostetes Foto am

All guests were picked up by taxis and brought to a secret, previously unknown location. When leaving the vehicle, the taxi drivers claimed that the guests had left a 5€ bill behind at the back of the car. […]

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Sense8, Years & Years and Snapchat Murder Mystery: Today’s Best Social TV

Sense8, Years & Years and Snapchat Murder Mystery: Today's Best Social TV
Months pass and TV gets more and more interactive: here are 3 social TV campaigns you should know about!

Sense8: Degrees of Music Separation (USA/International)
To give fans of drama series “Sense8″ the opportunity to immerse themselves in the musical world of the series, Netflix partnered with Spotify and launched the interactive map ‘Degrees of Music Separation’ on July 16, 2015. Available at, the music map allows users to explore their personal musical connections and get to know all eight main characters of the show. Users can access their personal music map by entering their location and connecting with their Spotify account. Based on their saved Spotify tracks, albums, and private playlists, users are provided with a global visualization of their favorite artists from all seven continents, allowing them to explore the connections to their own location. Artists are indicated through icons outlined in green and are connected to a user’s location through green lines. Clicking on an artists’ icon starts a curated music track. […]

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