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funk by ARD and ZDF – Funking things up

funk by ARD and ZDF - Funking things up
Two years in the making, the web TV service and digital content network funk by German public broadcasters ARD and ZDF finally launched on October 1. The project’s working title had simply been ‘Junges Angebot’ (Young Offer) until only a couple of days before the launch.

Aimed at 14- to 29-year-olds, the digital-only network steps away from traditional TV towards online and social media platforms. Two of the pubcasters’ digital TV channels – EinsPlus and ZDFkultur – were shut down on September 30 to make way for funk, whose creators insisted from the very beginning that their youth ‘channel’ will in fact have nothing to do with linear TV. funk is more of a multiplatform network than a TV channel. […]

Digital Video for Latino Millennials

Digital Video for Latino Millennials
A Selection of Latino-Focused Digital Studios and their Most Popular YouTube Channels

Millennials increasingly turn to digital video for innovative, high-quality content. Multi-Channel Networks all over the world, which today are multifaceted companies that expand their reach beyond YouTube and are more accurately described as Multi-Platform Networks, operate in a highly competitive and steadily growing market.
The big MCNs from the US and Europe are most often in the spotlight and are still leading in terms of subscribers and video views. […]