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Mr. Robot – USA Network’s fan art activation and sweepstakes

Mr. Robot - USA Network's fan art activation and sweepstakes

In USA Network’s award-winning hacker drama “Mr. Robot”, May 9 is a history-making date since it was the day of the so-called ‘Five/Nine Hack’, when the hacker group fsociety canceled all consumer debt by destroying the data of one of the world’s largest corporations and threw the world into chaos. […]

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Netflix France invites users to explore the phone of ’13 Reasons Why’ protagonist Hannah

Netflix France invites users to explore the phone of '13 Reasons Why' protagonist Hannah

Users can uncover the tragic story of the high school student from “13 Reasons Why” by exploring her phone in a web experience.

Netflix’s new teen drama “13 Reasons Why” centers on Hannah Baker, a high school student who committed suicide after feeling isolated and being bullied. Ahead of the series’ worldwide release on 31 March, Netflix France launched an interactive web experience for mobile devices that lets fans explore the content of Hannah’s phone. […]

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‘Got Talent’ gives talent the opportunity to present via Facebook and Instagram

'Got Talent' gives talent the opportunity to present via Facebook and Instagram

“Got Talent” fans could become ‘Big in Bangkok’ and have their videos shown on a giant video screen in Thailand’s capital in an event that was also streamed live on Facebook

On March 18 “Talang”, the Swedish version of talent show “Got Talent”, launched its seventh season. To celebrate, the channel gave Swedes the unique opportunity to become ‘Big in Bangkok’ and show their talent on a giant video screen in Thailand’s capital on the day of the premiere. For the chance to be featured on the screen that TV4 rented for the event, talented viewers simply had to shoot a video of their talent and upload it to Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #Talang2017 until March 11. […]

Santa Clarita Diet: Incorporating the Series’ Themes into Engagement Initiatives

Zombies have long made their way into popular culture and show creators who wish to pick up on the subject run the risk of boring audiences with yet another horror series about the dread of the undead. Victor Fresco, the showrunner of “Santa Clarita Diet”, chose to go another path by creating a twisted comedy that picks up on critique of modern suburbia intermingled with gory zombieism.

The release of the first “Santa Clarita Diet” teaser left many viewers puzzled and raised more questions than it answered. Apart from being baffled by the dazzling cast that includes movie star Drew Barrymore, viewers are also left in the dark about the overall genre and theme of the show. The teaser first seems to sing the virtues of one of those modern diets any stereotypical middle-class suburban wife and mother might wish to try out, when a sudden dark twist is added, as the diet requires eating ‘whoever you want’. The stark contrast between suburban everyday-life and gory cannibalism is what makes this Netflix Original so unique.

Netflix releases original horror comedy series "Santa Clarita Diet" / Copyright: Netflix, Inc.

Netflix built the promotional campaign for “Santa Clarita Diet”, on this odd interplay of comedy and horror and promoted the unusual diet of main character Sheila Hammond as a “real” diet that will leave people feeling more alive and energetic, just as the suburban mother and wife feels after turning into a zombie. The show was released worldwide on February 3, 2017. […]

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Guyane: CANAL+ takes people into the depths of the Amazon rainforest

Guyane: CANAL+ takes people into the depths of the Amazon rainforest
To promote their new original series “Guyane” (international title: “Ouro”), which premieres January 23rd, French pay-TV giant CANAL+ partnered with ad agency BETC Paris to take people into the depths of the Amazon rainforest.

The adventure drama revolves around a 20-year-old geology student from Paris who travels to French Guiana to do an internship in a gold mining company. Just like the series’ protagonist, commuters on the Paris Métro line 3 now get to enjoy a jungle atmosphere at the station Opéra, which was transformed into an exotic jungle in a marketing stunt developed by BETC. The huge installation, which will be there until February 1st, not only informs about the series’ premiere date, but also encourages commuters to head to Instagram, where CANAL+ and the agency give users the chance to become a gold digger themselves. […]

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Virtual Reality game for “I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here”

Virtual Reality game for "I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here"
RTL and cookie company Bahlsen released a branded virtual reality game

On January 13th, reality game show “Ich bin ein Star – Holt mich hier raus!” (the German adaptation of “I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!”) returned to RTL for its 11th season. For the sixth consecutive year, cookie company Bahlsen and its brand PiCK UP! are also on board as the show’s main brand partner. For the latest season, the brand integration extends to a new virtual reality (VR) game that launched on January 10th for iOS and Android. In the ‘Dschungel VR-Game’, users can take the ‘PiCK UP! Dschungelprüfung’ (PiCK UP! Bush tucker trial). In addition, the brand launched a show-themed sweepstakes. […]

Homeland, Santa Clarita Diet & Got Talent: Today’s best digital activations

Homeland, Santa Clarita Diet & Got Talent: Today's best digital activations
Who’s pushing the boat out in terms of innovative TV activations? Find out in our latest round-up

Homeland: Surveillance Mission (Showtime, USA)
Gearing up for season six of political thriller series “Homeland”, which is set in New York City this time and will premiere on January 15, Showtime created an interactive New York City walking tour. The ‘Homeland: Surveillance Mission’ tasks fans to head to different physical show-related locations and unlock exclusive content from the new episodes. Additionally, fans can enter a sweepstakes from December 19 through December 30 for the chance to win cash and goodies. […]

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life – You’ve been Gilmored

Netflix launched its "Gilmore Girls" revival in November
Almost a decade after it went off the air in 2007, “Gilmore Girls” returned with four 90-minute episodes on Netflix on November 25. The new episodes let fans revisit the beloved characters and settings and brought them back to Stars Hollow, the fictional Connecticut town in which the series is set. […]

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The Voice and Phillips Hue team up to control your lighting

The Voice and Phillips Hue team up to control your lighting
“The Voice of Germany” teamed up with Philips Hue in order to enhance the viewers’ watching experience by turning their homes into a dynamic light show consistent with the stage show

In this year’s season of “The Voice of Germany” on ProSieben and Sat.1, which premiered on October 20th, Philips is one of the major sponsors. They provided their Philips Hue lightbulb technology to enhance the watching experience for viewers. The newly updated “The Voice of Germany” app now has an integrated feature that allows the lighting of the bulbs to change color in accordance to the events on the show. […]

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funk by ARD and ZDF – Funking things up

funk by ARD and ZDF - Funking things up
Two years in the making, the web TV service and digital content network funk by German public broadcasters ARD and ZDF finally launched on October 1. The project’s working title had simply been ‘Junges Angebot’ (Young Offer) until only a couple of days before the launch.

Aimed at 14- to 29-year-olds, the digital-only network steps away from traditional TV towards online and social media platforms. Two of the pubcasters’ digital TV channels – EinsPlus and ZDFkultur – were shut down on September 30 to make way for funk, whose creators insisted from the very beginning that their youth ‘channel’ will in fact have nothing to do with linear TV. funk is more of a multiplatform network than a TV channel. […]