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Chat about chatbots – a new engagement tool for broadcasters

Over the past two years, artificial intelligence systems and automation technologies have become increasingly popular tools for enhancing sales, marketing and customer services.

Chatbots in particular have gained immense popularity in 2016 and numerous companies and brands have launched their own bots in order to enhance their services and engage with customers.

Although not yet as widely discussed as another quickly evolving technology – virtual reality – chatbots may influence the future of not only brands but also entertainment.

Media companies and broadcasters can benefit from the use of chatbots, and the new experiences they enable, as well. Over the past few months, they have already begun to dip their toes into chatbot waters, illustrating the potential this technology offers and how it presents a new way to extend the content offer and drive fan engagement.

Whether chatbots really evolve into a useful, value-adding technology for the TV industry remains to be seen. But some TV and production companies are already putting them to work. We put together some pioneering chatbot examples, covering possibilities for formats and drama series, which might pave the way for future best practices. […]

Virtual Reality is Here. Is Television Ready?

Virtual Reality is Here. Is Television Ready?
Virtual reality no longer belongs to science-fiction. But what does this change for the TV industry? Discover the answers in this white paper.

Virtual reality (VR) has finally made its way into consumers’ living rooms. While some years ago, the technology was still the stuff of science fiction, virtual reality has become more and more prominent among a mainstream audience thanks to affordable devices such as Google Cardboard, and the recently-launched $99 Samsung Gear VR headset, powered by Oculus. In 2016, more companies like HTC with the HTC Vive headset (powered by SteamVR), Sony with PlayStation VR and Oculus with its Oculus Rift consumer edition, will follow suit. We are entering the consumer VR era. […]