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Snapchat Originals – Exclusive White Paper

Since its early days as a messaging app, Snapchat has evolved into a dynamic and engaging platform. The number of media partners creating daily content has steadily increased. The next step for Snap: making a push into TV territory. This exclusive white paper features a selection of original Snapchat shows and channels. Download the white paper and discover why Snapchat shows might represent the next generation of mobile TV.

Snapchat Originals – Exclusive White Paper […]

Snapchat meets TV

Snapchat meets TV

Snap’s recent US$24bn IPO generated a wave of headlines, as did NBCUniversal (NBCU)’s whopping US$500m investment in the company. Many might wonder what the US studio sees in the California-based start-up behind social messaging service Snapchat, but the latter’s gradual evolution into a media powerhouse offers plenty of clues.

The dynamic and engaging platform continues to grow in popularity and is embraced by millennials especially, a hard-to-reach generation that gradually shifts its attention from TV to mobile. […]

C21Media’s FutureMedia: VAST MEDIA talk about marketing Mr. Robot and host the panel “Social Etiquette”

C21Media's FutureMedia: VAST MEDIA talks about marketing Mr. Robot and host the panel "Social Etiquette"

Attending C21Media’s FutureMedia? Don’t Miss Our Two Sessions:
Marketing Mr. Robot
Social Etiquette

C21Media is hosting their annual FutureMedia conference on Wednesday, November 30, 2016 at Picturehouse Central in the heart of London’s West End.
VAST MEDIA will present a case study on Mr. Robot’s marketing initiatives and host the panel “Social Etiquette”, which will focus on original storytelling through social platforms. […]