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Guyane: CANAL+ takes people into the depths of the Amazon rainforest

Guyane: CANAL+ takes people into the depths of the Amazon rainforest
To promote their new original series “Guyane” (international title: “Ouro”), which premieres January 23rd, French pay-TV giant CANAL+ partnered with ad agency BETC Paris to take people into the depths of the Amazon rainforest.

The adventure drama revolves around a 20-year-old geology student from Paris who travels to French Guiana to do an internship in a gold mining company. Just like the series’ protagonist, commuters on the Paris Métro line 3 now get to enjoy a jungle atmosphere at the station Opéra, which was transformed into an exotic jungle in a marketing stunt developed by BETC. The huge installation, which will be there until February 1st, not only informs about the series’ premiere date, but also encourages commuters to head to Instagram, where CANAL+ and the agency give users the chance to become a gold digger themselves. […]

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Chatbots: a special VAST REPORT

Chatbots: a special VAST REPORT
Over the past two years artificial intelligence systems and automation technologies have become increasingly popular tools for enhancing sales, marketing and customer services. Especially chatbots have gained immense popularity in 2016 and numerous companies and brands have launched their own bots in order to enhance their services and engage with customers. […]

Un Tour Vers le Futur – A tour to the future with CANAL+

Un Tour Vers le Futur - A tour to the future with CANAL+
From October 8th through October 11th, France’s Canal+ “teleported” its viewers to the year 2050 by launching ‘Un Tour Vers le Futur’ (A Tour to the Future), a four-day themed programming event highlighting futuristic movies, series, and specially created original productions and interactive features depicting what the future might look like. Brands such as Seat and food-delivery service Deliveroo also hopped on board and helped shape the experiences. […]

Fear The Walking Dead: #PréparezVousACourir

Fear The Walking Dead: #PréparezVousACourir

In anticipation of the premiere of the “The Walking Dead” prequel and companion series “Fear the Walking Dead” on August 23, 2015, French pay-TV channel CANAL+, in partnership with fitness app Runtastic, launched the promotional campaign ‘#PréparezVousACourir‘ (‘Prepare to run’). Claiming to give viewers a ‘good reason to run’, the campaign kicked off with an outdoor stunt in Paris and encourages users to engage in their own anti-zombie workout through the Powersong ‘The Song Of Fear’.  […]

Today’s Best Second Screen TV Activations

Today's Best Second Screen TV activations

Who raised the social TV bar this past season? This exclusive document compiles all the best practices. What is the current state of the second screen market? Do these applications just push content to the users, or do they allow them to influence the shows?  […]

Game of Thrones – Digital promotion beyond the screen

Game of Thrones White Paper


Few shows have benefitted from as many ground-breaking beyond-TV activations as HBO’s fantasy series Game of Thrones. Here they all are!

Before being a television drama, Game of Thrones is a unique narrative world. This world exists for the sole purpose of being explored by readers (first) and viewers (afterwards). […]

Broadcaster Social TV Twitter Strategies: The World’s Best Practices 2012

From Twitter voting in Project Runway and the VMAs to Geordie Shore competitions, VAST MEDIA presents the best uses of Twitter in TV of late 2012.

In 2012, the Social TV landscape has been buzzing. TV broadcasters are offered a multiplicity of solutions to enhance their schedules and propel programmes onto the second screen.

Among the diverse range of options, a key player has emerged at the heart of most social TV strategies: Twitter, which has established itself as television’s favorite choice for second screen strategies. […]