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Better Call Saul: Saul in the mind

AMC’s critically acclaimed Breaking Bad prequel Better Call Saul tells the story of criminal lawyer Jimmy McGill, the man who eventually becomes Saul Goodman and the lawyer of Walter White.

While the promotion for the show’s first two seasons mainly revolved around Jimmy, AMC seized a unique opportunity for the show’s third season, which premiered on April 10: the return of iconic villain Gus Fring and his fictional fast-food chain Los Pollos Hermanos, both of which fans are very familiar with from Breaking Bad.

The Los Pollos Hermanos experience

Drug lord Gus Fring and his fast-food restaurant chain Los Pollos Hermanos, which is mainly a front for money laundering and illegal activities, first appeared in the second season of the original series. […]

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Snapchat meets TV

Snapchat meets TV

Snap’s recent US$24bn IPO generated a wave of headlines, as did NBCUniversal (NBCU)’s whopping US$500m investment in the company. Many might wonder what the US studio sees in the California-based start-up behind social messaging service Snapchat, but the latter’s gradual evolution into a media powerhouse offers plenty of clues.

The dynamic and engaging platform continues to grow in popularity and is embraced by millennials especially, a hard-to-reach generation that gradually shifts its attention from TV to mobile. […]