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Today’s Best Second Screen TV Activations

Today's Best Second Screen TV activations

Who raised the social TV bar this past season? This exclusive document compiles all the best practices. What is the current state of the second screen market? Do these applications just push content to the users, or do they allow them to influence the shows?  […]

True Blood secrets, handle battles & Zeebox rooms: Today’s Best Social TV

True Blood secrets, handle battles & Zeebox rooms: Today’s Best Social TV

Who’s raising the bar in social TV right now? Here are three more best-in-class examples:

To get fans excited about the new season of True Blood, which premiered on June 16, HBO launched a #SecretsFromTheSet promotion campaign. This two-part social media event included an interactive pre-show right before the premiere and the release of details of the upcoming season via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine on the morning of the premiere. Additionally, fans had the chance to submit questions live to 13 of the True Blood actors on the Social TV platform HBO Connect. Fans could either submit their own question or ‘like’ questions of other True Blood fans. […]

Special Screening @ International Media Convention 2012

Today, the use of tablets, smartphones and laptops simultaneous to watching television is becoming increasingly prevalent. A number of providers vie for viewers’ attention; television broadcasters and producers extend their formats to the Internet and onto the so-called “second screen”; and independent platforms such as Zeebox, and Shazam offer wide-reaching approaches for social functions, synchronized apps and content discovery. […]

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