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Narcos, Discover Westworld & Virtual Democracy Plaza: Today’s best digital activations

Narcos, Discover Westworld & Virtual Democracy Plaza: Today's best digital activations
How to speak like Pablo Escobar and more, in the latest & best online activations of TV shows!

Narcos: Speak Spanish Like El Patrón (Netflix, USA)

On September 5, 2016, shortly after it released the second season of its hit drama “Narcos”, Netflix teamed up with online language learning platform Babbel to help viewers and fans improve their Spanish. Under the slogan ‘Speak Spanish Like El Patrón’, a free demo has been released on Babbel. It teaches fans some of the terms used in the show with the help of real dialogues. The lesson, consisting of five parts, is available in six languages, including English, German, French, Italian, Swedish and Portuguese, and uses original photo and audio material from the show. It is promoted over Netflix and Babbel’s social media accounts, and has its own hashtag in different languages. […]

Netflix and HBO Get Smart for “Narcos” and “Westworld”

Netflix and HBO Get Smart for "Narcos" and "Westworld"
Before its anticipated sci-fi series “Westworld” lands Oct. 2, HBO went all out with a new promotion for the series: a unique web site that does more than just tout the show, according to a report from VAST MEDIA.

HBO in late August launched the website ‘Discover Westworld’, a fake travel landing page that has all the makings of a real tourist destination, including room bookings, park information, and even an employee login area. You wouldn’t know it was fake if you just happened upon it, and might just try to make a reservation for the theme park.

The web site does two things: it not only serves as a promotion for the series, but adds a layer to the key question the series poses to viewers: who would you become if you’re in a fantasy world? […]

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