In mid-October 2013, ProSiebenSat.1 announced a new type of casting show that directly connects social networks with a TV show. “Millionärswahl – Demokratisch reich werden” (Millionaire voting – get rich democratically) will premiere on TV sometime in January 2014 and will be produced by Brainpool.

The distinctive feature of this crossmedia event is the voting process as there are no judges. Instead, the candidates decide amongst themselves who will make it to the next round and will become a millionaire in the end. In order to convince the others to vote for them, the candidates can e.g. show a talent or present a business idea or charity cause worth supporting.

The show will evolve in three phases: the registration phase, the online phase and the TV phase. The registration phase runs until November 16, 2013. On the website, everyone interested in a chance to win 1 million EUR can register. Candidates have to be at least 14 years old.

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When registering, users can select several categories representing their interests, e.g. fashion, fitness, books or politics. On their profile pages, the candidates can upload a profile picture and type a short text in which they introduce themselves and give reasons why the other candidates should vote for them.

Additionally, they can upload photos and videos of themselves in which the other users get a better idea of e.g. their talent, idea or charity cause. Each profile also has a guestbook, in which the candidates can comment on each other and promote themselves.

The complete list of candidates can be filtered by interests. There is also a search function. The homepage of the website features a selection of candidates in various categories like ‘Newest Candidates’, ‘Candidates with most votes’ or ‘Entertainment’.

In the second phase, the online phase, there will be four rounds of voting on four consecutive Sundays from November 17 until December 8, 2013. Each time the number of candidates will be reduced (eventually from 49.000 to 49 candidates). In these voting rounds, only the registered candidates can vote for each other. They are neither allowed to vote for themselves nor to abstain from voting.

In January 2014, the 49 candidates that gathered the most votes will compete against each other in a live “Millionärswahl” TV show hosted by popular hosts Elton and Jeannine Michaelsen. In each of the seven episodes of the live show, seven candidates will compete. Again, the candidates will decide amongst each other who will make it to the next round. However, in this third phase of the show, also the audience will be allowed to vote. Its vote will count a third towards the final decision.

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