The X-Files, Mr. Robot and Domino's Pizza + X Factor: the best of today's social TV

From YouTube hacking to Domino’s Pizza challenges and #FindtheX, discover November’s best social TV activations

Beginning November 20, 2015, German subscribers of Amazon Prime Instant Video can finally stream USA Network’s critically acclaimed series Mr. Robot. To promote the hacker drama, Amazon teamed up with the German MCN Studio71 for a viral social TV activation and accompanying sweepstakes. The accounts of several German YouTube channels such as Sarazar, Kelly MissesVlog and DoktorFroid have been “hacked” by fsociety, the hacker organization from the series, which calls for a revolution and rewarded viewers who join them with the chance to win tickets for an exclusive YouTube event.

For the viral campaign, several videos posted by participating YouTubers between November 7 and 9 were supposedly “hacked” by the hacker organization.

Unsuspecting viewers were surprised when the normal videos were suddenly interrupted by a message from fsociety. In the message, the YouTubers and their fans were called upon to join the organization at the exclusive underground YouTube event ‘End of the World Screening’ in Berlin on November 19.
For the chance to win tickets for the event, viewers could enter a #fsociety sweepstakes, for which the details were provided in the dedicated video descriptions. Fans were asked to download the fsociety mask provided on the Studio71 website and to share a photo with the mask on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #fsociety.

To officially enter the sweepstakes, fans additionally had to post the link of their photo in the comment section of one of the hacked YouTube videos. The YouTuber hack created lots of buzz on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, where fans posted using the hashtag #fsociety, both wondering what the hack is all about and participating in the sweepstakes. To accumulate the social conversation, Amazon and Studio71 launched a dedicated social wall, which is powered by

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