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For their new crime drama series Gracepoint, which premiered on October 2, 2014, FOX launched the accompanying website ‘Suspect Everyone’. During and after the episodes, fans are called upon to vote on who they suspect to have killed twelve-year-old Danny Solano, the murder victim from the first episode. The website is powered by Spredfast. Before voting on the characters they suspect to have killed Danny Solano, users can review the available information and evidence concerning the murder including a video with footage from the respective episode and interviews with the cast of the series.

Fans can vote for as many series characters they want. Under each character portrait, the percentage of votes is displayed. Users can browse through the characters with the arrow buttons on the left and right. They get more information on each character, including for example their whereabouts when the murder took place or statements they made, by clicking on a portrait. The character page also features a voting button allowing fans to vote for the character with the respective hashtag on Facebook or Twitter.
For each character, fans are also provided with ‘Gracepoint Profile’ videos in which the characters are introduced through scenes from the series and interviews with the actors. For some characters, there are additional voting questions. In addition, viewers were encouraged to tweet clues hinting to the identity of the murderer they spot during the episode with the hashtag #WatchingGracepoint: Suspect Everyone


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