Instagram-only series Shield 5, Topmodel & Election Confessions: the best of today’s social TV

From drama to politics, not forgetting fashion: discover February’s best social TV activations!


On February 1, 2016, photo-sharing platform Instagram tapped into the world of original content production and distribution by launching scripted series titled Shield 5. Produced by Hullabaloo Productions and Lorton Entertainment, the 28-part thriller series follows London-based security driver John Swift, who is arrested for being involved in a diamond heist and death of his colleague.

To clear his name and prove his innocence, he is then forced to go on the run. Each day throughout the month of February, a new 15-second episode becomes available on the official Shield 5 Instagram account at 5pm GMT. To add more context and to help tell the story, the account also publishes images in-between the episodes. Ahead of the episode one release on February 1, the Instagram account already posted images to explain further details.

Users are encouraged to use the show’s official hashtag #shieldfive and to watch out for cast and crew members interacting in the comments section. Additionally, the twitter acount published character biographies prior to the premiere. However, all previously posted content was removed on February 1. The series is also represented on Twitter, Facebook and on its own dedicated website

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