Sense8, Years & Years and Snapchat Murder Mystery: Today's Best Social TV
Months pass and TV gets more and more interactive: here are 3 social TV campaigns you should know about!

Sense8: Degrees of Music Separation (USA/International)
To give fans of drama series “Sense8″ the opportunity to immerse themselves in the musical world of the series, Netflix partnered with Spotify and launched the interactive map ‘Degrees of Music Separation’ on July 16, 2015. Available at, the music map allows users to explore their personal musical connections and get to know all eight main characters of the show. Users can access their personal music map by entering their location and connecting with their Spotify account. Based on their saved Spotify tracks, albums, and private playlists, users are provided with a global visualization of their favorite artists from all seven continents, allowing them to explore the connections to their own location. Artists are indicated through icons outlined in green and are connected to a user’s location through green lines. Clicking on an artists’ icon starts a curated music track.

Furthermore, a personalized playlist inspired by a user’s worldwide musical connections is available at the bottom of the page and can also be accessed on Spotify. Each custom playlist features 20 different songs and can be shared with friends and followers using either Twitter or Facebook.

Sense8, Years & Years and Snapchat Murder Mystery: Today's Best Social TV

The interactive world map also features an overview of the show’s protagonists. Icons outlined in blue indicate “Sense8″ characters. Clicking on a character icon allows users to read a description and watch a short trailer for the corresponding character. The eight different character trailers were originally published in late May 2015 as part of the promotion campaign leading up to the to the premiere of “Sense8″.

Sense8, Years & Years and Snapchat Murder Mystery: Today's Best Social TV

Alternatively, users can skip signing in with their Spotify account. They are then provided with alternative version of the map that only allows to explore the main characters of the show and does not display any musical connections. However, the alternative map instead provides access to the ‘Official Netflix Sense8 Playlist’ on Spotify, which features more than 40 curated songs inspired by the main characters of the series.

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