RTL II's new streaming platform: RTL II YOU

A new streaming platform for millennials emerges in Germany:
On May 30th, German commercial broadcaster RTL II launched its digital millennial-oriented channel ‘RTL II YOU’, which offers viewers a mix of its own popular TV highlights and licensed content in the drama, reality, anime and talk show segments. They’re also producing content with well-known YouTube and social media celebs. The content is available through a linear 24/7 stream, but also as individual on-demand clips. 

A freemium model:
‘RTL II YOU’ can be accessed for free by either downloading the dedicated free apps from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, by visiting you.rtl2.de, or via Amazon’s Fire TV.

The platform was launched with a freemium model. Basic features such as viewing the linear stream and watching clips on-demand are available for all users. Users who register can also access a variety of extra features including reminders for programs, chatting with fellow users, commenting on videos, subscribing to channels and adding videos to a ‘Watch Later’ list. …

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