Quantico: #2TruthsAndALie Twitter Challenge

To engage fans prior to the premiere of its new crime drama “Quantico” on September 27, 2015, ABC launched the “#2TruthsAndALie Challenge’ on Twitter on September 21. A series of videos shared by the series’ official account challenge fans to test their FBI skills by figuring out which of three statements made by the series characters is a lie.

In each video, one of the series’ main characters tells three things about him- or herself, of which two are the truth but one is a lie.

Fans are encouraged to respond with the lie using the hashtags #2TruthsAndAlie and #Quantico. Depending on whether their answer was correct or not, users receive an @reply from the official “Quantico” account that includes a short video featuring the series’ protagonist Alex Parrish, a FBI recruit who is accused of committing a terrorist attack, who either congratulates the users or tells them they need a litte bit more training.

How well do your friends and followers know you? Post your own Two Truths and a Lie with #2TruthsAndALie AND #Quantico to see who knows you best!

Posted by Quantico on Monday, September 21, 2015

Users are also called upon to share their own ‘#2TruthsAndALie’ along with the hashtag #Quantico to see how well their friends really know them.

In addition, the official Twitter accounts of other ABC series, including “How To Get Away With Murder”, “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Once Upon A Time” and more, also participated in the ‘#2TruthsAndALie’ promotion and challenged their fans how well they know the series.

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