Notes on Blindness: a virtual reality journey into the world of blindness
To promote the feature film Notes on Blindness, Franco-German TV network Arte has released an impressive virtual reality (VR) experience called Notes on Blindness: Into Darkness. The VR experience, available in French, German and English, is based on the cognitive and emotional experience of John Hull, who suffered through decades of gradual deterioration until he went completely blind at the age of 48.

Hull had recorded his experiences in an audio journal, which documents his anxieties, achievements and his developments throughout the first three years of complete blindness. The immersive VR project is based on these audio recordings and takes users on a sensory and psychological journey to the world of blindness.

The six-part VR experience takes users into different scenes which present certain memories and special moments John had experienced and recorded in his audio diary. His experiences are not presented with any real pictures, but rather as 3D animated figures of blue light. In combination with binaural audio, this creates an unique and overwhelming experience of a world without sight. …

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