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On April 27, 2013, ARTE broadcast the first of 14 weekly episodes of the new transmedia series “About:Kate”. The project incorporates various social platforms, user-generated content and a dedicated second-screen app. The series follows the life of the former art student Kate who just turned 30. Kate lost herself in the digital world and feels unable to cope with her own life now. Therefore she institutionalize herself into a psychiatric hospital. During her stay in this mental institution, she keeps posting and commenting on Facebook. 

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Viewers can keep track of Kate’s actions and get to know her better by visiting her Facebook profile, ‘befriending’ her or by writing messages to her. On Facebook, users can look at childhood pictures and check out which music, movies, TV shows or books Kate likes.

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Users watching the transmedia series can also download a free app for iOS and Android devices. While watching episodes of “About:Kate”, the app syncs to the broadcast using a sound-print technology. With this second-screen app, viewers are able to see Kate’s clicks and actions on the web on their smartphone in real time. Kate’s thoughts and memories can be discovered and they can be shared. From time to time, users even receive phone calls from Kate with prerecorded messages. The app also includes links to further investigate the series and the topics of the series.

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Moreover, users can virtually become a fellow patient of Kate by taking surveys in the app to question their own way of dealing with their digital lives. Participating users receive a weekly psychological profile of themselves with a treatment approach. Users who interact with the TV series using the app throughout more than five episodes will get a detailed evaluation and a documentary report of their progress. The results can be shared and compared to their friends’ results.

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Viewers can also become part of the broadcast by uploading videos and photos to the official website of the series. There are several tasks for each episode. Some of the submissions will be integrated into the upcoming episodes of the series. All of the submissions can be rated and commented.

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One month prior to the premiere, users could visit the Facebook profile of Kate and look at her artwork on a dedicated ARTE website. On the official website, users find information about the series, they can watch full episodes and monitor Kate’s web activities.

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