Narcos, Discover Westworld & Virtual Democracy Plaza: Today's best digital activations
How to speak like Pablo Escobar and more, in the latest & best online activations of TV shows!

Narcos: Speak Spanish Like El Patrón (Netflix, USA)

On September 5, 2016, shortly after it released the second season of its hit drama “Narcos”, Netflix teamed up with online language learning platform Babbel to help viewers and fans improve their Spanish. Under the slogan ‘Speak Spanish Like El Patrón’, a free demo has been released on Babbel. It teaches fans some of the terms used in the show with the help of real dialogues. The lesson, consisting of five parts, is available in six languages, including English, German, French, Italian, Swedish and Portuguese, and uses original photo and audio material from the show. It is promoted over Netflix and Babbel’s social media accounts, and has its own hashtag in different languages.

Narcos, Discover Westworld & Virtual Democracy Plaza: Today's best digital activations

Promotion videos that were released across social media show short video sequences from the show, while simultaneously teaching viewers some vocabulary. In section one of the Babbel demo, which is designed like a real lesson, users only need to listen to sentences regularly used in the show. Section two asks them to match the Spanish sentences they have just heard to their English translations. In the third section, users need to remember specific words. The fourth part then requires them to insert the words they just learned into a proper sentence.

Concluding in section five, fans can now have a longer conversation with the character of Pablo Escobar, using vocabulary acquired earlier in the demo. After successfully finishing the lesson, users are congratulated and asked whether they want to continue learning Spanish and watch “Narcos”. The he links to register at Babbel or Netflix are also provided.

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