On August 28, 2015, Netflix released its much anticipated original series “Narcos”. The crime drama is based on the life of notorious Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, also known as ‘The King of Cocaine’. On that occasion, French agency Darewin hosted exclusive pre-premiere parties that held some creative surprises for its guests. The events took place one day prior to the series release in Paris, Lyon and Marseille.

50% des billets en circulation contiennent des traces de cocaïne @netflixfr #Narcos

Ein von @holycamille gepostetes Foto am

All guests were picked up by taxis and brought to a secret, previously unknown location. When leaving the vehicle, the taxi drivers claimed that the guests had left a 5€ bill behind at the back of the car. Those who accepted the bills, were surprised when they found out that they had a hidden message. When taking a picture with the flashlights on, the white imprint #Narcos became visible. The initiative is a reference to the fact that 50% of the 5€ banknotes in France are contaminated by traces of cocaine.

All attendees also received a police file-style folder that contained a Netflix voucher, images from the show, and a letter explaining the cocaine bill stunt.

Furthermore, an organizational chart of the Medellin Cartel featuring also the attendee’s image was included in the folder.

On August 27, the day of the pre-premiere party, Darewin also released the 20-second YouTube clip ‘#Narcos Spot True Fact’ which is again referring to the cocaine contamination.

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