Which networks and brands are best leveraging social TV right now?


On October 11, 2013, CBS announced and launched ‘Fan-Built Five-0′, an initiative that lets fans of “Hawaii Five-0 build an episode of the series themselves, by voting on key story and production elements on the series’ website.

The fan-built episode will be broadcast later this season. For three weeks, fans could visit Fan-Built Five-0 and vote on six key elements of the episode: the scene of the crime, the victim, the murder weapon, the evidence, the suspect and the takedown.
After phase 1, the voting for the story elements, ended on October 31, the writers of the series began writing the script integrating the results of the fan voting. When the production of the episode begins in early 2014, fans will have additional opportunities to vote on other elements such as the music used, the wardrobe of the cast, props and the title of the episode.


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