Treasure tweeting, hashtag racing & The Newsroom Vines: Today’s Best Social TV

Which networks and brands are best leveraging social TV right now?


Volkswagen and Discovery Channel teamed up again for the themed Shark Week last month. The partnership consisted of VW building a unique shark cage, called the Volkswagen Beetle Convertible Shark Cruiser, to glide around underwater and take pictures of sharks. To create awareness of marine life, Volkswagen also committed to donate $2 to the Surfrider foundation each time the hashtag #VWSharkWeek was tweeted. The campaign is called “Treasure Tweets”. Surfrider is a charity devoted to marine life.

Users were pointed to the campaign when looking at the 360-degree panorama photos of the “Subaquatic Roadt Trip” Volkswagen created. Here, users needed to find a treasure chest hidden in one of the pictures. It redirected the users to the dedicated website where the campaign was explained.
Shark Week, the Surfrider foundation and VW’s charity initiative were also promoted through Volkswagen’s Twitter account.

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