MIPTV 2016 report: What does virtual reality mean for TV?From MIPDoc sessions to today’s focus with VAST MEDIA, Orange & Arte, Virtual Reality was a hot topic this week. Why?

Above: managing director Matthias Puschmann of VAST MEDIA, Kay Meseberg, head of 360/VR at Arte; Thomas Wallner, president and co-founder of Deep Ink; and Stéphane Rituit, co-founder of Felix & Paul Studios.

This lengthy and exciting session, led by managing director Matthias Puschmann of VAST MEDIA, began with a general survey of virtual reality—what it includes, current hardware players and creative options. With help from panelists later in the day, we also learned how storytellers can begin to build a vocabulary for this new world, and what rich opportunities lie in wait.

“VR is a concept,” Puschmann began. “the concept of getting rid of technical boundaries and placing the viewer in an experience. It’s all about immersion. But how do you tell stories where viewers have freedom to look around?”

File this question in your brain bin, because we’ll come back to it later. Quickly though, a survey on VR’s development up to this point. There are three different types of Virtual Reality currently:

  1. VR worlds: 3D renderings used mostly in gaming, which, as Puschmann points out, “has a long tradition of creating interactive experiences for players. VR and gaming are very interlinked.”
  2. Cinematic Virtual Reality
  3. 360° videos—content created with real cameras, and amenable to storytelling. “These are simply flat videos morphed into a sphere for playback,” said Puschmann. “Most are monoscopic; it’s harder to produce 3D stereoscopic videos, where two videos are mapped together to provide depth in the experience.” Google added 360° support to YouTube last year. …

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Pulse of MIP: Ali May (Twitter) and Matthias Puschmann (Twitter)

Ali May talks to the co-founder and managing director of VAST MEDIA, Matthias Puschmann, about hot digital trends, such as virtual reality. “We’re really entering the mass market for that topic right now,” he says, as it opens up “a complete new universe for telling stories and creating entertainment properties.”

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