MIPTV 2014 Session: The Producer's Toolbox: 10 Things You Should Know For Your Digital Strategy - How to be a Social Climber

MIPTV 2014 Session: The Producer’s Toolbox – How to be a Social Climber

Create a social-media buzz between episodes and your show will climb, said Matthias Puschmann of Germany’s VAST MEDIA. He brought case studies including E!’s “Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills” to the The Producer’s Toolbox: 10 Things You Should Know For Your Digital Strategy session.
That show, itself inspired by Instagram and Tumblr, created engagement with an Instagram-activated scavenger hunt. Discovery, meanwhile, built a tweet-powered distillery, where viewers of “Moonshiners” tweeted their votes to choose the brew they were making. “It used a key element of the show in an effective digital campaign to create a social buzz,” Puschmann said.

Both examples supported one of the 10 digital strategy recommendations outlined by Daniel Ravner of Israel’s Practical Innovation: using existing social platforms in your show’s digital strategy. “Even if you don’t build it, they will come,” he said, highlighting the cost-saving opportunities afforded by Twitter, for example, over a bespoke platform.

He also recommended differentiating the experience provided on the second screen, to let people express themselves through games and interactions, and not to stake your show’s digital strategy on creating a viral hit – the equivalent of winning the lottery. “You want to strive for digital that’s brilliantly simple,” he said. “Your average viewer is not an early adopter, so make it simple.”

Source: news article in MIPTV News Day 01, April 7, 2014

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