MIPCOM 2016: VAST MEDIA on stage talking about Virtual Reality
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Mastering the VR Content Workflow
  • When: 18 Oct 2016, 14:00 – 14:30
  • Where: Esterel, Palais 5
  • Who: Zain Memon and Matthias Puschmann
  • What: Pull ahead in the VR content race! VR glasses across multiple price-points are now available on the market, but that’s just one element of this new logistical puzzle. In this catch-up session, get a clearer picture of VR’s content workflow – from shooting, to stitching and distribution. You’ll also learn how to help viewers navigate and access VR content across different streaming devices and platforms.
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Zain Memon is a story­teller, media­tech specialist, futurist and Media­Producer based out of Mumbai, India. He co­founded Memesys Culture Lab, a cinema and new media studio at the intersection of science, philosophy and culture. He functions as the CTO-COO, playing a pivotal role in the virtual reality ecosystem out of the Indian subcontinent and has designed state­of­the­art workflows and immersive grammatical tools for Mixed Reality.
In the past few years, Memon has also worked on the world’s first Open Source filmproject for the critically acclaimed feature film, Ship of Theseus. In addition, Memon conceptualised and lead the most successful crowdfunding campaign India has ever seen, for the documentary film ‘An Insignificant Man’ set to premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2016.
His well­rounded expertise in storytelling, technology, narrative design, and ludology allows him to bridge the gap between technology and effective storytelling.

About Memesys Lab
Memesys is a new studio dedicated to crafting high-concept, high art, experientially rich work in cinema and new media. The vision at Memesys is to initiate dialogue, engage with the greatest ideas of past and present, and interpret and demystify current breakthroughs in our understanding of the self and the universe.

Matthias Puschmann is Co-Founder and Managing Director of VAST MEDIA, a Berlin-based media consultancy specializing in digital strategy and market analysis at the intersection of digital media and television. Previously, he worked as Editorial Director at ProSiebenSat.1 VOD service maxdome. Former employers include broadcasters and production companies in New York, Paris and Potsdam.

VAST MEDIA is a Berlin-based media consultancy helping clients discover content trends, the best digital projects and exceptional social media campaigns launched by broadcasters, producers and creative agencies around the world. Its best practice platform VAST BUZZ features thousands of case studies of the most creative and engaging online extensions of TV shows, digital marketing campaigns for TV formats, as well as case studies of web originals and branded entertainment. Among its clients are some of the largest media groups, production companies and agencies in Europe, North America and Asia.