MIPCOM 2013: Second Screen Workshop

MIPCOM 2013: Second Screen Workshop shares best practices – “A tease of interactivity” on social or with automatic-content recognition apps “can help extend the brand experience”

How do producers use the second-screen to reinforce and add to their storytelling?
VAST MEDIA‘s founder and managing director, Matthias Puschmann, introduced this multi-part workshop with a few second screen best practices. 

The MTV Video Music Awards, our first example, are “always very active in providing second-screen engagement opportunities”, Puschmann said. One thing they do (among the many) is curate fan tweets, then post them on TV and on VMA-related digital media alongside star tweets, providing an interactive live experience that also makes viewers feel involved in the festivities.

On Celebrity Big Brother, viewers at home could make choices that influenced events in the house, like which candidates participated in challenges, or what rewards and punishments they received.

X Factor’s app had play-along features as well as “brand integration of a pizza chain, so there are also sponsored messages, branded games and special promotional codes that people can exchange for cheaper pizza,” said Puschmann.

For ITV show Crazy Beaches, viewers can tweet what they think will happen while ad breaks take place. The funniest comments are read live during the show, a “nice second-screen tie with a direct on-air effect,” Puschmann observed.

Finally, our personal favourite, The Weather Channel organised the first-ever tweet-powered tornado to draw more attention to its newsdesk broadcasts. Users could tweet to TWC using a special hashtag; the total volume of tweets received affected wind level inside the studio. The goal: create an on-air tornado to disrupt the broadcast entirely.

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