Mad Money Live on Meerkat

To celebrate the 10 years anniversary of the American finance TV show “Mad Money”, CNBC hosted a Twitter-based live stream via free streaming app Meerkat. The stream featured host Jim Cramer ringing the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange on March 10, 2015. Cramer and the show’s crew were seen standing behind the NYSE podium and pushing the button that signals the bells to ring.

The app Meerkat allows users to stream live video to all Twitter followers at once. By pressing the ‘Stream’ button, the stream will instantly appear in the followers Twitter feeds. Followers that also have the app installed have the option to get push notified, watch, comment and interact with the live stream. Viewers can retweet the stream to their own followers in real time.

The stream can also be viewed by everyone, non-Twitter users as well, on the web. However, there are no reruns and the streams can only be viewed live. The CNBC live stream of Cramer ringing the opening bell accumulated 300 viewers as of March 11, 2015.

Mad Money Live on Meerkat: Link

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