#TVatWEB top case of the week: #Gotham - WitnessGotham.com - a 360-degree experience by FOX

The American superhero series “Gotham” premiered on September 22, 2014, and is based on the characters of Detective James Gordon and Bruce Wayne who were created in DC’s Batman franchise. To give fans a hint on what to expect from the series, FOX launched WitnessGotham.com, an interactive website that allows them to explore one of the series’ most important scenes. 

The murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne, that leaves Bruce Wayne as an orphan is said to be happening in the first episode. At WitnessGotham.com, users get to enter the crime scene and are provided with a sneak peek of the immediate aftermath of the murder.

Visitors are encouraged to help investigate the crime scene which is set in a back alley. They can explore the 360-degree experience via a click and drag navigation.

There are various clickable objects on the scene which turn out to be hidden clues in form of short videos or pictures. By clicking on a surveillance camera for example, users get to see the footage of a women stealing something from a passenger. Selecting a newspaper stand provides users with an image and a link to the fake online newspaper Gotham Chronicle which has also been set up as part of the series’s effort to engage users.

The series’ characters that are present on the scene are also clickable objects. By selecting them, users get to read a first quote and a short descriptive text of the respective character.

There are a total of 23 clickable objects and hidden clues on the scene. Through a triangle shaped button on the right side, users are being redirected to an overview of all the clues they have been able to discover.

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