Busan Contents Market 2015: VAST MEDIA on Stage at MIP Academy

VAST MEDIA was invited to the 2015 MIP Academy in Busan, South Korea, to showcase selected best practices how international broadcasters and producers build buzz for new shows and formats, engage audiences after broadcast and use social platforms for content marketing campaigns and community building.

The session – titled “Producers ToolBox: How to use digital to boost your format audience” – took place on May 8, 2015 as part of the “MIP Academy – BCM 2015 Global Contents Producer Academy”.

Besides Matthias from VAST MEDIA, Avi Armoza (Armoza Formats), Glenn Sims (FremantleMedia), Sabrina Duguet (All3Media), Nathan Gibbs (Zodiak Media) and other international speakers shared their know-how and market knowledge with the BCM audience, most of them Korean producers and broadcasters.

More information about the Busan Contents Market: Link