To promote its new original series “Bloodline”, which was released on Netflix on March 20, 2015, and to get users to speculate about the secrets the series has up its sleeve ahead of its premiere, Netflix sent worn novels to influential media people and bloggers in several countries. The books contained a number of mysterious clues, notes and photos and led users to the website of the Rayburn House, the small hotel in the Florida Keys run by the Rayburn family, the series’ protagonists.

The notes in the book indicate it belongs to series main protagonist John Rayburn. It includes a postcard to John from his brother Danny announcing his visit at home for the pier dedication, a part of a letter, a photo of the Rayburn family as well as a variety of written notes at several pages in the book such as the phone number of Carlos, an accomplice of Danny. The book also includes an info sheet from the Rayburn House with the hotel’s lunch menu and the login data for the hotel’s WiFi, along with the link to a website. When visiting the website, users need to log in using the data on the info sheet. Bloodline Goodie Bags by Netflix One written note in the book reads “Get the deposition tape”. Users actually find the tape on the website after having logged in. On the tape, which is from November 11, 1993, users hear the then 14-year-old protagonist John Rayburn being questioned by a police officer concerning an incident in which his brother Danny was hit by a car – referring to a major plotline of “Bloodline”. Bloodline Goodie Bags by Netflix

In addition, the book contained a missing person flyer in Spanish, which also refers to a major plotline. The promotion campaign was developed by creative agency Ralph.

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