Au-delà des murs: ARTE's escape game to unlock an episode
Providing early access to the first few episodes of a new series by premiering them online has become rather common in the past few months. European culture channel ARTE followed that trend, but chose a slightly different approach by letting the audience “work” for it.

To watch the first episode of the upcoming three-part miniseries “Au-delà des murs” (“Hinter den Mauern” / “Beyond The Walls”) before its TV premiere, viewers have to complete an escape game on the website.

The series, produced by Lincoln TV in association with ARTE France, revolves around a young woman named Lisa, who inherits a house in mysterious ways and finds a horrifying labyrinth of doors and hallways in it. Similar to Lisa, players must make their way through a haunted house and find the “red door” in order to escape. (…)

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