Un Tour Vers le Futur - A tour to the future with CANAL+
From October 8th through October 11th, France’s Canal+ “teleported” its viewers to the year 2050 by launching ‘Un Tour Vers le Futur’ (A Tour to the Future), a four-day themed programming event highlighting futuristic movies, series, and specially created original productions and interactive features depicting what the future might look like. Brands such as Seat and food-delivery service Deliveroo also hopped on board and helped shape the experiences.

Throughout the ‘Un Tour Vers le Futur’ programming event Canal+ aired a number of dystopian and science fiction films such as “The Martian”, “The Lobster” and “Ex Machina”. Moreover, the channel’s news and entertainment programs like “Le Gros Journal”, “Le Petit Journal”, “Action Discrète” or “Le Tube” joined in and adjusted their content to provide a glimpse at the future.

Among the programming highlights was the elaborately produced edition of “Canal Football Club”, which turned into “Futur Football Club” and depicted how football might evolve in the future: women playing in men teams, crowd funding operations, and hyper-modern stadiums thanks to technological development. The studio as well as the hosts all got a little make-over to look more futuristic. …

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