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Legion meets Blippar, Powerless in Kik and #NETFLIXnSTICK: Today’s best digital activations

Legion meets Blippar, Powerless in Kik and #NETFLIXnSTICK: Today's best digital activations

Who’s raising the bar in terms of innovative TV activations? Find out in our latest round-up […]

Smart Screen Round-Up: YouTube Live-Chats, VR on Facebook

Smart Screen Round-Up: YouTube Live-Chats, VR on Facebook

Here’s a run-down of recent second screen-related entertainment items, via Berlin-based research and consulting company VAST MEDIA. […]

24: Legacy – Fox is pulling the social strings for 24 reboot

24: Legacy - Fox is pulling the social strings for 24 reboot
Fans of the much anticipated FOX action series “24: Legacy”, which premiered on Suberbowl night, had many chances of engaging with the series on various different platforms.

To promote the premiere and to excite fans, FOX has not only started a small Twitter campaign, but has also teamed up with several popular influencers to promote the series on Snapchat, and has joined forces with Amazon to bring sounds of “24: Legacy” into viewers’ homes. […]

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Chatbots: a special VAST REPORT

Chatbots: a special VAST REPORT
Over the past two years artificial intelligence systems and automation technologies have become increasingly popular tools for enhancing sales, marketing and customer services. Especially chatbots have gained immense popularity in 2016 and numerous companies and brands have launched their own bots in order to enhance their services and engage with customers. […]

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life – You’ve been Gilmored

Netflix launched its "Gilmore Girls" revival in November
Almost a decade after it went off the air in 2007, “Gilmore Girls” returned with four 90-minute episodes on Netflix on November 25. The new episodes let fans revisit the beloved characters and settings and brought them back to Stars Hollow, the fictional Connecticut town in which the series is set. […]

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funk by ARD and ZDF – Funking things up

funk by ARD and ZDF - Funking things up
Two years in the making, the web TV service and digital content network funk by German public broadcasters ARD and ZDF finally launched on October 1. The project’s working title had simply been ‘Junges Angebot’ (Young Offer) until only a couple of days before the launch.

Aimed at 14- to 29-year-olds, the digital-only network steps away from traditional TV towards online and social media platforms. Two of the pubcasters’ digital TV channels – EinsPlus and ZDFkultur – were shut down on September 30 to make way for funk, whose creators insisted from the very beginning that their youth ‘channel’ will in fact have nothing to do with linear TV. funk is more of a multiplatform network than a TV channel. […]

Cocaine Campaigns and more – How Netflix (re)introduced Narcos

On September 2nd, Netflix releases the second season of “Narcos”. Based on real-life events, the drama follows the rise and reign of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar and the Medellín drug cartel. To shorten fans’ waiting time for season 2, Netflix recently launched the Tumblr-based site ‘Narcopedia’, an interactive experience that takes viewers through the history of cocaine and provides in-depth information on the war on drugs. The whole experience draws parallels between the actual events and how they are portrayed in the series.

Narcopedia: A website takes viewers through the history of cocaine and the war on drugs portrayed in the series
A website takes viewers through the history of cocaine and the war on drugs portrayed in the series

With this comprehensive digital encyclopedia, which basically recaps the first season (it does not include the events depicted in season 2 yet), Netflix continues its overarching strategy to build awareness for “Narcos” by bringing the historical, true side of the show to life in the digital space. […]

Secret Story: An inside look at TF1’s social activations

Secret Story - An inside look at TF1's social activations
On August 29, TF1 and NT1 brought back “Secret Story”, the French adaption of “Big Brother,” for a tenth season. To create buzz and get fans excited ahead of the season premiere, boxes of ‘#SecretCookies’ were sent out to fans, social influencers and media outlets. […]

Marketing Mr. Robot

Marketing Mr. Robot

Originally published at C21 Media

Nicole Greiner, research analyst at VAST MEDIA, explores USA Network’s launch of the second season of “Mr. Robot” – the first in a new monthly series of articles from VAST MEDIA, tracking digital content marketing innovations in partnership with C21‘s FutureMedia.

After launching in June last year, hacker drama “Mr. Robot” quickly became USA Network’s signature show, redefining the cabler and forging a new path for its original dramas. And while the series has been a hit among viewers and critics alike, its clever and unexpected marketing has also received widespread acclaim.

“Mr. Robot’s” ongoing marketing campaign is as radical and as much a dramatic departure from regular efforts as the show itself. It impressively shows how broadcasters can build a devoted audience of hardcore fans by targeting not the masses, but rather a niche demographic that can identify with the themes and ethos of the show. […]

#GMAChallenge, Scream and a Selfie & Love Island Snapchat: Today’s best social TV

#GMAChallenge, Scream and a Selfie & Love Island Snapchat: Today's best social TV
Good Morning America x Challenge (ABC, USA)

In the context of its 8th annual ‘Good Morning America Summer Concert Series’, which kicked off on May 20, 2016, and marks 14 weeks of concerts with some of the hottest music acts of today, ABC’s daily morning show “Good Morning America” teamed up with the video social network to launch a GMA Challenge in the app. From June 6 through 14, viewers can download the app and enter the challenge for the chance to meet singer Demi Lovato at her GMA Summer Concert on June 17. […]