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Netflix’s Flixtape, Game of Thrones & MTV VMAs: Today’s best digital activations

Netflix's Flixtape, Game of Thrones & MTV VMAs: Today's best digital activations
Who’s pushing the boat out in terms of innovative TV digital activations? Find out in our latest round-up

Flixtape (Netflix, USA)
In mid-July 2016, streaming service Netflix launched the ‘Flixtape’ generator, which allows users to create custom sharable playlists filled with Netflix content. The initiative is a nostalgic homage to mixtapes. To create a ‘Flixtape’, users need to visit a dedicated microsite and first choose a name for the digital tape. The name should relate to the type of content that can be chosen in the next steps. The generator then suggests three Netflix titles to include in the ‘Flixtape’ based on the name chosen. However, users can customize its content and remove and add titles that Netflix offers. A total of six titles can be added to the playlist. […]

Marketing Mr. Robot

Marketing Mr. Robot

Originally published at C21 Media

Nicole Greiner, research analyst at VAST MEDIA, explores USA Network’s launch of the second season of “Mr. Robot” – the first in a new monthly series of articles from VAST MEDIA, tracking digital content marketing innovations in partnership with C21‘s FutureMedia.

After launching in June last year, hacker drama “Mr. Robot” quickly became USA Network’s signature show, redefining the cabler and forging a new path for its original dramas. And while the series has been a hit among viewers and critics alike, its clever and unexpected marketing has also received widespread acclaim.

“Mr. Robot’s” ongoing marketing campaign is as radical and as much a dramatic departure from regular efforts as the show itself. It impressively shows how broadcasters can build a devoted audience of hardcore fans by targeting not the masses, but rather a niche demographic that can identify with the themes and ethos of the show. […]